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Sneaky's BBQ

Clever band dudes can apply the "what happens on tour, stays on tour" mantra to pretty much everything -- lascivious drug use, adultery...even tickle fights!! Everything, that is, but the hot smoked meat that led to Sneaky's BBQ.Started by two SFers who toured the country in rock bands, and loved their Carolina jaunts best due to BBQ so delicious, they just had to bring it home; Sneaky's is their Potrero-based meat smoking outfit, from whence they'll gratis-deliver you grub they've been fine tuning ever since their bands were donezo. All the raw meat's slapped with a mustard based, eight-spice rub, and includes options like vinegary n' peppery pulled pork shoulder (smoked for 12-14 hrs), plus baby back and spare ribs, both smoked upwards of five hours and finished w/ a thicker version of what the pulled pork gets, which turns out "moist and barky", like a hot and bothered tree. Side-wise, you can gorge on slaw spiked w/ jalapeno and green onions, gooey mac n' cheese served by the pint, whipped/spiced sweet potato souffle, and fresh collard greens that "have some snap to 'em", leaving Crackle and Pop at home peevishly watching Gilmore Girls.In the coming month's, Sneaky's plans to add some other delectables to their repertoire. They're open to suggestions but currently toying with baked beans, corn bread, chicken, and hot links -- totally appropriate given how wildly overheated a good tickle fight leaves a tour bus.