Wallin Surfboards

The only thing cooler than a surfboard leaning suggestively against your wall is an eye-poppingly badass surfboard leaning suggestively against your wall. Pretend you surf in style, with Wallin's custom boards.

Shaping since '91, Wallin just started slapping fully customizable art on their boards, which retain complete functionality -- if only you could say the same of yourself. The process is simple: get Wallin what you'd like on your board in absolutely any graphic format, and their designers'll work with you on the best way to translate it onto your choice of stick, from standard long and short boards, to the longboard "gun" and slightly-shorter "mini-gun", both of which sport a tapered tail to make it easier to catch big waves, which you'll repeat extra-loudly to anyone who'll listen. Wallin then makes the magic happen via a three-years-in-development process, printing your images on a proprietary-blended, bleed-free rice paper that's applied to the board's surface via waterproof lamination -- just remember, yours is from Alaska, you handsome organ-donating Pisces.

If you're completely uncreative, you can also buy boards Wallin customized for Playboy, bedecked with centerfold silhouettes and a young, pipe-smoking Hef -- the king of decorative showpieces no one believes he actually uses.