WMD Hot Sauce

Following one's heart often leads to a change in careers, unless that career is black-market organ trafficking, and you have to follow everyone else's heart. Switching jobs to sear your taste buds, Robert Bolders of World's Most Delicious Hot Sauce

After years toiling in the IT arena, "Bobby" Bolders recently fully embraced his hobby of crafting BBQ & hot sauces in his home, culminating in Saturday's grand opening of WMD Hot Sauce, a storefront emporium stocking 200+ varieties of liquid heat (along with a plentiful selection of BBQ sauces/rubs & gourmet mustards), as well as providing the tools to create your own sauce, although without some more Hustlers in the shop, that's gonna be tough. WMD's slingin' super-niche brands/varieties, ranging from relatively innocuous entries like Lottie's Barbados' mix of Scotch Bonnet peppers tamed w/ mustard, and Green Bandit's Basil Serrano Hot Sauce, to slightly spicier ones like Wet Fart, Blair's Wasabi Green Tea Heat and Dave's Insanity sauces, to downright painful potions like Black Widow's No Survivors, Sphincter Shrinker, Satan's Blood, and Ass Reaper, which is way less painful than how you thought it read at first glance. Sicko. Custom sauce creation involves choosing a heat level ranging from first to third-degree burn and applying it to any one of Bolders' signature bases, from jerk-based Spike, to Cleo's blend of orange habanero, mango, carrots, vinegar & lime juice, to the slightly fruitier Tony; you can also go mad scientist and add different types to skew the pepper ratio, even though that's just going to piss off Salt, and Spinderella can't even tell you how sick she is of dealing with this crap

As for BBQ sauces & rubs there's 75+, including diddies from Dr. Pepper and A&W, Bad Byron's Butt Rub, and limited edition/numbered batches from Kansas City sauciers Pain is Good, plus Jerk styles like Busha Brown and Walkerswood, which hopefully your trafficking job hasn't led you to follow.