Yoa Kustom Sneakers

Classically trained artistes often find themselves equally satisfied working with earthier material -- Shakespearean master Sir John Gielgud never imagined himself asking Dudley Moore "Would you like me to wash your d*ck, sir?", but hey, Macbeth bought his kids McDonald's, while Arthur ensured they'd never have to work there. For the sneaker version, try Yoa Kustoms, taking orders now.Hand-painted sneakers made-to-order in Basking Ridge, NJ, YK's are the serendipitous career of a Parsons-trained fashion designer who fell into kicks modding after people went crazy for the pair she crafted for her boyfriend's birthday, reaffirming ye olde maxim "behind every great woman, there's a man with a childish sneaker fetish". Just holler at Yoa for a color scheme/design consultation, then ship her your sneaks or provide funds for her to purchase the desired pair; she prefers Nike Dunks b/c of their large surface area, but she's cool with anything from slip-on Vans, to AF1s, to the comeliest pair of Roos with zippers. Because the only limit's your anemic imagination, YK provides previous works for inspiration, e.g., the blood-drippingly macabre "Ode to Chueh" dunks, the Eli-sporting "Go Giants" Vans, and a pair of hi-tops deco'd w/ a dinosaur's rapacious yellow eye looking right at you -- causing passing big-game hunters to remark "clever girl".Each pair's sprayed w/ a leather protector and comes with a certificate of authenticity, plus YK'll even do touch ups for free+shipping in case of damage -- not a stretch, as it's not too tough to ask, "Would you like me to wash your shoes, sir?"