1. Acupuncture & Integrative Medical Center
Acupuncture Clinic

What you’re here for: Natural treatments for physical and mental conditions
Dr. Carlos Chapa has been practicing Eastern and naturopathic medicine to help people with a variety of conditions since 2009. Addictions, depression, pain, seasonal allergies, and acne represent a mere handful of problems for which patients come to AIMC seeking relief. Through an approach of Treating the person, not the disease, Chapa and his team create a comprehensive care plan designed to achieve optimum results.

2. Aroga Cold Therapy

What you’re here for: Chilling out to the extreme
How low can you go? While that question’s usually reserved for limbo contests, at Aroga it refers to the water temperature of your plunge tub, which will be set somewhere between 43 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit. A cold plunge purports to accelerate recovery, boost alertness and vitality, burn calories, increase metabolism, alleviate inflammation, and improve sleep—all from a three-10 minute soak. Clients enjoy cold water plunges in private luxury suites, which can come in handy if you’re prone to screaming when certain parts get cold.

3. Blue Feather Aerial Yoga & Fitness
Bishop Arts District

What you’re here for: Living out Cirque du Soleil dreams
Aim for new heights! Whether you’re a beginner or skilled at aerial endeavors, Blue Feather and its stretchy hammocks await. You’ll spend time stretching, paying attention to your breath, hanging upside-down, and ending each class in a cozy cocoon for a fitness experience that’s as soul-nurturing as it is physically beneficial.

4. Breathe Meditation and Wellness
Highland Park

What you’re here for: Several moments of Zen
The fundamentals of the importance of breathing techniques lie at the core of this studio’s offerings. Classes include Meditation with Reiki, Restorative Stretch, Sound Bath, Chakra Clearing, Metta Meditation, and Mindfulness among its long list of options geared toward overall wellbeing. Crystal bed therapy, Thai massage, life coaching, and vibrational sound therapy can also be booked, along with a host of other services with their own unique benefits.

5. Class Studios
West Village & Preston Center

What you’re here for: Workin’ up a sweat, big time
Class Studios challenges its members to achieve impressive results through four key workout programs. In Cycle, hop on a bike and let the music help you push the boundaries of your own fitness. Train features circuit-style training that alternates between cardio and strength. Tread turns the ubiquitous treadmill into a full-body workout machine. And Sculpt utilizes dynamic muscle targeting with light weights and high reps to build stamina and increase flexibility.

6. Cryo1one
Various locations

What you’re here for: Hanging with the cool kids
A 10-minute cryo facial can work wonders toward reducing inflammation and producing brighter, tighter skin. This targeted approach continues to grow in popularity, likely because it can be more tolerable for people averse to their full-body cryo experience. Cryo1one also offers IV therapy by appointment for hydration, hangover relief, and immune support, as well as vitamin shots to boost energy and metabolism.

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