2009, the Year in Headlights

Food: The year in dining saw the cream of the crop, and people taking fattening walks in the Park, but the most important developments were that grilling got hard and doctors have fully endorsed the burger.

Drinks:The quest for the grail led drinkers north, while Turtle Creek was introduced to tiny-but-deadly Japanese cups and Lower Greenville showered itself in red dirt.

Gear: Like the Doobies, Dallas fashion took it to the streets, while Abilene finally gave us a view of something besides Christian colleges; also, an intrepid leatherman ran over his bottom line, and the Dale Hansen look got huge.

Events: People got together for serious pre-corndogging, tiny athletes convened to do the Dustin Pedroia, and Forrest Gump's favorite sport got stupider and wetter than ever.

Services:Alcohol threw on a miniskirt as prospects for that convention in Toledo looked up, and shopping for a reasonably priced microwave got more shirtless.