3Kings Clothing

Joint birthday parties are vastly superior to the singular variety: the overlap of friends creates a revelrous critical mass, and gives that one celebrant with no friends a reason to see another birthday. Proving that joint birthdays can also birth fine business ideas: 3Kings Clothing.Kings is a new streetwear line from a Houston trio who first met as UT biz students; they actually conceived the enterprise during a mutual celebration they'd thrown in honor of their own continuing existences, involving lots of music, dancing, and one very beer-stained notepad. Thematically based on the interplay between individual pride and group solidarity, the debut t-shirt collection -- 100% cotton and graciously elongated to cover kinglier bellies -- kicks off with "Monarch" (stacked gold crowns above elegant swirls on asphalt/white) and "The Original 3K": oversized white chess-piece silhouettes on charcoal, red, navy, or sand -- because no one can make fun of you for wearing a t-shirt at the beach if they can't see you. The quintet's rounded out with the black, white, or navy, calligraphy-scrawled "L'etat C'est Moi", "Refresh the Game" (chess-piece trio inside browser "refresh" symbol, on regal purple), and "Grind Hard & Prosper": Spock in a business suit, trying to keep it together after learning that Lumbergh mind-melded his girlfriend. Kings hopes to unleash fitted headgear by summer and button-ups, pants, and shoes by 2011. They've also launched a blog that, besides "life in general", covers "cool stuff related to fashion, sneakers, music, art, film and TV, food, water, potpourri, and baby seals" -- a reminder that you don't need to wait for your birthday for a special night of clubbing.