Vintage man-stuff in some guy's loft

Around Fair Park, anyone can turn their home into a business simply by throwing up a sign, provided of course that sign reads "Park Here $20". Proving that other signs can also work, the guy behind Atomica Modern.

From a Sulphur Springs native who once built corporate jet interiors, this vintage furniture & clothing boutique came into being when the proprietor stuck a notice in his Expo loft's front window, thus casually christening a biz that combines an interest in restoring mid-century modern junk and a natty eye for bygone men's fashion. 50s-70s-era threads include a wall of collared shirts (from Ike-liking cotton button-ups to Travolta poly pullovers, most just $8), Starsky-ready leather coats and jackets (some dangerously sporting faux-fur collars), smooth formal-wear like a 1960s Yves St. Laurent mod suit, and disco-era jeans & pants by Levis, Jordache, Farah, and Wrangler, which, along with a tub of Vicodin, can provide even a geriatric quarterback Real. Comfort. To outfit the digs your duds'll lure women back to, there's a light-grey tweed sofa with solid walnut legs & armrests, a rosewood-veneer flip-top writing desk w/ the original aluminum knobs, a battalion of Eames-era metal-globe floor & table lamps, and, in the 1970s-stereo dept, hefty Altec floor speakers w/ textured-laminate tops, therefore useful as end tables and neighbor end-friendshipers.

As early as next month, Atomica will move into a larger, commercial space nearby, possibly taking over a location most recently called Sloppyworld -- also what the owner can let his own pad become once strangers can no longer tramp through it.