Big D's New Mack City

If doing good could be accomplished by getting up to no good, then people would donate at least three times a week, and there'd be a crapload more manatees. Do your part by partying hard at Bacy's, soft-opening today.

A $7 million overhaul of the former Purgatory, Bacy's is a 5-story, 14-bar mega-club + restaurant fully realized by an East TX-born, celeb-focused interior designer (he put the Baduizm in Erykah's pad); 10% of the daily take will fund a new charitable foundation named for the owner's family, the best excuse for over-consumption since being Rip Torn. Levels get more exclusive as you climb, with rooms including the red & black motif'd "Stamp" staging area, slapped silly with crowned B logos; the "Divalicious" lounge (think pink, from chairs to mirror tint); the "Picasso" bar, where purple/green/blue's plastered on the carpet, lamps, and oversized witch-hat-shaped ottomans; the cave-like "NoHo", whose wash basins suggest a former bathroom, and whose specialty preemptive hangover-fighting drink suggests you'll be tearing up a bathroom; "Mink", where everything's trimmed in real-deal fur; and, at the top, "Rest", furnished with nothing but beds (hopefully, for bed-head purposes, curtains are on their way). Meanwhile, the ground-level "Signature" restaurant is awash in turquoises/purples/reds, and helmed by an ex-Crescent chef who's still finalizing a broad upscale menu covering steaks, Caribbean, Mexican, and Cajun -- though once the bill comes, the po' boy will be you.

Tipsiness is accomplished via 20 bottled beers (Land Shark, Shock Top...) plus cocktails like the Hypnotiq/club soda/Nuvo "J.Bacy" and the Citronge/grape vodka/7UP/simple syrup "Life Style". Spring expansion plans include a swank rooftop/penthouse complex next door and, to connect Stamp and Signature, a glass walkway with aquariums underfoot -- so given the club's charitable commitment, you can finally realize your dream of helping the world by stomping on manatees.