Barron & J. Menswear

The smallest details can completely change perception, like Harrison Ford's earring, or Jamie Lee Curtis' wenis. Changing the perception of menswear with fashion zippers, Barron & J.Just launched out of Garland by an Art Institute grad & former Nordstrom tailor/Henry III Generation designer, Barron's handmade men's line seeks to "create a contemporary style that augments technology and fashion" -- a goal helped improbably by covering you in flys. The line's anchored by a pair of two-button tailored Euro-textile sport coats: the cotton-blend Jacket's set off by zipper teeth as trim on the right sleeve and exterior pockets, with an optional windowed iPod sleeve on the breast; the more extroverted (flashier fabrics, neon green interior trim) Blazer adds aluminum teeth to the lapel edges, cuffs, and functional rear vent, and moves the iPod sheath to the left lapel; linings on both are customizable (heathered cotton to metallic-looking silk), and zipper-trimmed matching slacks are also available, should you decide to class things up by wearing pants. To that end: slim-fit, mid-rise, boot-cut jeans made from high-thread-count Italian cotton (navy or black, w/ brass zippers) or denim (raw, acid-weathered, or stonewashed, w/ steel zippers); styles include the Falconer (zipper arcs on the rear pockets), the Duchess (zipper piping around embroidered rear pockets), and the King Pocket, with back-pocket trios of inverted zipper chevrons -- hopefully, they will not pump gas.Coming this fall: a line of shirts, a tooth-piped leather laptop sleeve styled like an envelope, and jeans with a windowed music-player sheath in place of the change pocket -- which you won't miss, 'cause in a flash you can be playing Jamie Lee's favorite jam, Ch-ch-ch-changes.