Best of the Best

The month's best from across the Thrillist Network, released like hounds out to lick your face and slather it with excellence

Emailed to Los Angeles:Tiki Farm Based in San Clemente, Tiki Farm's a mugs 'n more company that for nearly a decade's been hand-sculpting and glazing badass barware for joints like Trader Vic's and House of Blues as well as more random peeps like Mattel, and Emeril...yay? Get festively lit right here

Emailed to Chicago: Siren Graphix The brainchild of a Chi designer who found the apparel community woefully lacking in shirts that carried a certain "Holy S**t" factor, SG combines elements of digital photography and graphic design into tees, thermals, and polos glossed up with images both violent and sexy, like Jessica Rabbit after a Jagerbomb. These designs will melt your eyeballs

Emailed to Washington, DC: Shuffletime Just hatched by a pair of Logan Circle start-up junkies, Shuffle "creates a game out of the Internet" by awarding prizes for skillfully watching/reading/playing various vids/articles/games you were almost certainly going to kill the morning/afternoon/Depression Hours with anyway. Investigate the addictiveness

Emailed to Miami: Outta Miami, HS peddles hot sauces from around the globe, browseable by brand (Dave's Insanity, Mad Dog, Ring Of Fire), pepper types (serrano, Thai, Scotch bonnet), country of origin (India, Mexico, Thailand), and even heat level, from mild to "Extreme", which includes a brand called Ass In Space, whose packaging shows a guy rocketing away from earth. Check out the plethora of ways to hurt your mouth

Emailed to Washington, DC: Damn Good Doormats Out of Baltimore, these 100% coconut-fiber doormats are hand-stenciled with either a custom design, or existing action like a snarky homage to Baltimore's old "Believe" anti-drug campaign (empty beer can, crumpled bag of chips, fish skeleton), or a silver Michael Jackson glove next to "Beat It", sure to be ignored by DC's many smooth criminals. Tons of other designs just begging you to wipe your feet on them