Best of the Best

This month's Best Of presents treats so tasty they make all other candies feel like tricks -- except you, Snickers Dark Mini bar. Nougat what I need!Emailed to Atlanta:Peter Millar Fall CollectionNC-based Millar's a casual-prep line of gear with some duds targeted at golfers, and others at actual people, now dropping new Fall polos, button-downs, jackets, pants, shoes and accessories, founded by a former Burberry rep who named the company after the moniker inscribed on a leather lawn ball given to him by his mother as a child -- you know, that old story.It's Millar time right hereEmailed to Nation:PowerMatChanging the way you recharge your gadgets, this just-now-in-the-states wireless system uses a black "mat" to power-up the batteries in iPhones, BlackBerrys, iPods, Nintendo DS's, etc, as fast or faster than their plug-in adapter. Just outfit any item with its PM-designed case/dock (which feature special magnetic "receivers" that feed the batteries), toss it on the mat, and it'll emit a pleasant ding to let you know it's juicing up, since not everything's as obvious as Carrot Top.Ditch your bag 'o chargers and make it simpleEmailed to Chicago: Alley CollectionJust dropped from a couple whose first sparks flew in the spitballing days of middle school, AC is their collab on a line of slick shirts, slacks, and outerwear named, but mercifully not designed, for their Rottweiler.Scope the line up close and personal-erEmailed to New York: JetSetterFrom the team behind the flash couture site Gilt Groupe, JS offers seriously discounted prices on "upscale travel experiences hand-selected by world travelers", each available for a two day window or until inventory runs out (act fast, while supplies of Panama last!).Read more, then get in on the private betaEmailed to Washington DC: Folk ClothingNow dropping their winter line in just a handful of US stores, Folk's a line of exceedingly handsome basics, crafted by a fashionable clan of Scotsmen whose first success oddly came from selling exclusively to Japanese boutiques, who were apparently eager to cultivate a "Highland of the Rising Sun" look.Briefly put down that mouth harp and look here