The Blake Wright

There's a stage in a man's life when he's caught between a burgeoning appreciation for fine art, and a persistent love of wang jokes -- and that stage is called A Man's Entire Life. For an artist who knows right where you're at, check out The Blake Wright.

Trained at UT and Atlanta's Portfolio Center, Rockwall-raised Wright's a graphic artist who by day designs websites, ads, ceramic toilet-paper rolls, & such at Oak Lawn's the Brand Hatchery; for the past few years, he's also made cheekily offensive art-doodles for pals, but because his pals have only so much wall space, he's recently started offering the sweet stuff up to the public. Topping out at $50 and produced in hyper-limited sets of three, the intentionally childlike scrawls range from "Anatomy" (meticulously annotated vagina alongside some dangling junk, simply labeled "penis"), to a road sign reading "Yield (Just watch the f*ck out!)", to another sign reading "Slow Little Kids $25 MPH", to "Toofs", a big gold tooth telling a smaller white one that it considers him to be...another word for vagina. Dallas snobbery gets pretty well ripped apart, via work like "Pirate Leg", an artificial limb studded with Swarovski crystals, and a series of pricey women's shoes all captioned with expected free-drinks-from-dudes except the last pair of crunchy sandals (captioned "will suck your **** for weed").

Drawings are updated weekly on Wright's blog, among the latest being a portrait of Tom Selleck sporting a golden mustache -- isolate those last two words, and all that's left to satisfy is your burgeoning appreciation for art.