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Which Wich peeps go Tex-Mex burger

Mangled English-Spanish translations can prove tragic, as when Perdue Chicken's "It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken" became "It takes a hard man to make a chicken affectionate" on billboards across Mexico. For a restaurant turning mistranslation into meaty bliss, hit Burguesa Burger.Aiming to be an old-school, Mexican McDonald's, this burnt-orange drive-thru was launched quietly by the Genghis Grill/Which Wich mastermind, and is built on Mexico's literal take on the hamburger -- healthing up your patties with a sweet slice of ham. The signature's the double-meat-'n-cheese La Monumental, which besides pig packs in avocado, refried beans, a tostada disc, secret sour cream- and Chihula-based hot sauce, and a whole jalapeno; all burgers come with a Las Sevillanas caramel-filled wafer with a metaphysical Mexican saying on the wrapper, like "The shrimp that falls asleep shall be taken by the tide" -- as will the shrimp that doesn't, because he's a shrimp. More south-of-the-borderness: donut-topped milkshakes (mixed w/ the same Ohio-built machine once used by McD's), cane sugar-sweetened sodas (fountain grapefruit flavor, bottled Jarritos), hot sauce-coated fries, and imported Bimbo buns, a perfect place to slide meat, if you just got out of a thing, and aren't looking for anything serious. Burguesa will take pesos, but is closed on Sunday in deference to traditional Roman Catholics, who need the day to pray for all those Americans, who they now suspect aren't exactly enjoying their chicken boneless.