Cars In Barns

Seeing a beautiful car rot from neglect triggers a sadness so deep, you feel as if your soul might cry in agony forever. Then again, some people dig masochism, so for them, there's Cars In Barns

CIB showcases user-submitted pics of once-boss machines sliding into decrepitude, complete with how-I-stumbled-on-it anecdotes; the site was started by a Canuck (who'd glumly watched a neighbor's '68 Hemi Roadrunner deteriorate over the course of 14 years), then passed on to a dude in Branson, MO, and finally to an auto-tragedian in Far North Dallas. The catalog, which evokes emotions from misery to fury, boasts a '67 Firebird 400 found in the Georgia woods and not driven since the '80s, a '71 Challenger R/T in a PA field (in such bad shape its discoverers were "afraid the hood would disintegrate in our hands"), and a '59 'vette shoved inside a school bus 35 years ago (the owner plans on restoring it "someday" -- probably right after he restores the bus). Some entries actually document vehicles saved from decomposition, like a '70s Buick GS now living the rehabbed life in New York, and a '65 GTO that'd been chilling 15 years in a New Hampshire forest, though that doesn't make the car any different than the state's population

CIB plans on bolstering the site with user comments and ratings; if you're really into rust, they also distribute a newsletter and sell a 16-month calendar, though if you're too lazy to trade out calendars annually, you're clearly no stranger to neglect.