'Que that plays hardball

BBQ joints typically satisfy one half of your life's aspirations -- being fat -- but without an equal emphasis on booze, how are they supposed to handle the other half: being happy? Making your life complete, Cobb Switch Barbecue.

From five resto heavies (including Holy Smokes' BBQ guru and the fam behind Mi Piaci) and named for an RR intersection east of town, CSB's taken a one-time Black-Eyed Pea pod and converted it into a full-service meat-trough/hooch-hangout complete with a cozy, heavily flat-screened bar. The hickory-fueled smoker (left behind by Rick's Famous) spits out five regular meats of varying prep: pork ribs w/a hybrid Memphis/St. Louis dry rub, beef brisket w/ semi-sweet sauce; pepper and jalapeno-'n'-cheese sausages, and crust-sealed turkey breast; from-scratch sides & desserts include proper vinegar-based coleslaw, bit-flecked pintos, house-cut fries, tater salad, butterscotch-banana pudding w/ vanilla wafers and fist-sized fried fruit pies -- if you can fit a whole one in your mouth...don't. The full bar slings its own grub (e.g., bacon-wrapped, 'peno-topped turkey poppers), 13 usual-suspect taps and bottles, and four pitcher-friendly mess-makers: white sangria and a frozen margarita plus Jack-backed "Tennessee Lemonade" & "Backwoods Tea" (clearly, not from Tennessee)

Unlike at most casual BBQ spots, drink waitresses will visit the main dining room -- allowing your twin aspirations to become so big, you'll be living the dream-and-a-half.

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