Downtown scores a steakhouse

For downtown to continue to develop into a livable community, it still needs certain amenities, like grocers, and restaurants, and gas stations so you're mobile and don't die of starvation waiting for #'s 1 and 2. Solving at least your need for a go-to steakhouse: Dallas Chop House.

Opening Dec. 28, DCH is a year-in-the-making, $3 million meat vault grafted onto the Comerica Bank Tower's east corner by Dallas Fish Market's owners, who waited five months for the OK because of the 'scraper's architectural import; the space now boasts a fire pit-centered metal-encircled patio and a wood stack-divided, glass-bordered bar/lounge, a warmly mural'd dining area, a glassed-off kitchen & wine room, and a waiting area stocked with steak books, for chewing on what you're about to chew. The menu, prepped by DFM's chef and a Capital Grille/Sullivan's vet, combines steakhouse stalwarts -- pork cuts/prime beef (including rib eyes/KC strip cured on site) available w/ spice rubs from Southwestern/peppercorn to Moroccan/Jerk -– with unusual choices like hickory-smoked salmon w/ tomato Hollandaise and offal such as veal sweetbreads piccata and braised cow tongue (no more giving cow-nilingus for Bessie). Apps and sides vary by season, from the expected (Brussel sprouts, mashed Yukon Golds, oysters Rockefeller) to the less-so: Texas quail confit w/ goat cheese polenta, roasted artichoke soup w/ scallop slivers, lobster maque choux, and a hummus/endive/olive salad dubbed the "Towering Bibb", ironic, since bibs tend to be about what falls rather than what rises.

Chop House's bar will boast a separate food menu, eight taps (seasonal Sam Adams, Stella, Negra Modelo...), and at least 10 cocktails, some fueled by cooled-to-5°F liquor taps spilling vodka, tequila, Scotch, gin, and whiskey -- a.k.a., the five things that can make any place livable.