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Good things come to friends who wait

After 53 weeks of meticulous planning, someone's ready to be your liver & stomach's best buddy ever: Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House, open a week from today. Taking its name from some New York buds' dearly departed newspaper-stand-turned-brewski-patio, this joint venture from restaurateur Matt Tobin (Vickery Park) and longtime colleague/bartender Josh "I Am Not America's Oldest Beer" Yingling "celebrates the glory" of its namesake offerings not by photoshopping them into screen-shots of Denzel and Matthew Broderick charging a fort, but instead via

The Stuff They've Stuffed Into The Space: A trio of garage doors leads from the decked patio into an interior lined with Banksys, where light from a huge stained glass panel filters down onto a U-shaped bar built with wood reclaimed from an E. Texas dance floor. Everything's bespoke, from the john's iron tp-holder, to a table constructed from an industrial fan encased in wood and glass, which is kind of what people who still listen to KMFDM deserve

The Stuff That'll Make You See Stuff Twice: Beloved whiskey makes its way into Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and the Hudson-fueled Brooklyn South Side Fizz, but the focus is craft beeeeer: 40 bottles supporting 16 draughts (six rotating seasonally) including Stone, Lagunitas, Brooklyn, and Harpoon, plus Left Hand Milk Stout from a Guinness-like nitro-tap, also what happens on WCW just before someone gets hit with a folding chair

The Stuff That'll Stuff You: The girls from Good2Go Tacos are providing classic burgers (bleu & bacon; 'shroom & Swiss) that can be paired with specific beers at a discount, and feature beef uniquely fed grass from 10 different MO fields. Buns can also be filled with a homemade veggie puck and a Bologna patty made with meat from Rudolph's -- so 11 weeks from now, if you're hoping for a Christmas present, this burger might have to suffice.