Get healthy. Eat burgers.

Published On 01/04/2011 Published On 01/04/2011

New Year's resolutions'd be a lot easier if you could basically keep doing what you already do, i.e., get a raise by meekly avoiding your boss's gaze, or learn French by watching The French Connection. Stop that heroin, Gene Hack-homme! Resolve to eat better while still scarfing meat-wiches, at Elevation Burger, grand opening Saturday.

Elevation's a critically praised chain of healthy fast-food joints based in DC, and now brought to Dallas by a British expat who, after getting corporate downsized, hoped to become his own boss in a manner that furthered his ideals, fleshed out not only in the organic quick-cuisine, but also in green decor touches like compressed sorghum tabletops and flooring made from bamboo, also what's screamed when the Jackass crew wants to really freak out Margera. The grazing post's patties are ground in-house and hand-formed from 100% grass-fed, free-range beef, with the basic configuration being the double-meat, double-cheese (6-month-aged real American cheddar) Elevation Burger, also avail with two different veggie patties (one tastes like a burger, the other like actual vegetables); if you're not afraid of heights, stuff your buns with up to ten patties, any style, a move they call the "Vertigo", because despite the healthfulness, after finishing it you won't be able to see your Hitchcock. In keeping with the theme, fresh-cut Idaho fries are cooked in olive oil, while garnishes take gourmet spins like balsamic mustard, hot pepper relish, caramelized onions, and proprietary "Elevation Sauce", also pilot code for what's really in those Thermoses.

Even the desserts won't murder your system: cookies are made with organic eggs & butter, and shakes and malts come from hormone-free milk -- cutting down on breast-enhancing estrogen, and with it the problem of your boss's gaze. Je suis up here!



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