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Avant garde sushi in Plano

To keep things interesting, you've got to experiment, whether it's with your sex life, or the various pursuits you slavishly devote yourself to because you have no sex life. Not afraid to F around with food and drink, Fin Sushi & Sake Bar

From the Bayley's honchos and manned by two veteran chefs, Fin serves up inventive sushi and no-holds-barred sake in an invitingly earth-toned upscale space marked by chocolate-hued hardwood flooring and black wood & leather seating, ceiling-mounted chain-mail dining room partitioning, and a translucent bar top lit from beneath by alternating-color LEDs through crushed glass shards (somebody's been Thai kickboxing again). The prodigious menu starts with dangerously playful apps like the GPR Ball (an avocado/crab/spicy tuna sphere) and the pan-fried Seafood Pancake, then moves to mains from broiled black cod & Izakaya potatoes funkily topped w/ crawfish & cheddar, to deep fried fatty tuna, making its bid for next year's State Fair Food Pavilion. The 90+ sushi/sashimis aren't afraid to get funky either, with rolls like the Lobster (w/ crab, avocado, asparagus, caviar, and vinegar martini sauce), the radish-wrapped, rice-less tuna/avocado/perilla Winter, the wasabi soy paper-wrapped salmon/crab Green Scream, and the tuna/crab Sopy, rounded out with mango, guac, and pico -- clearly, this is Sopy's choice

As for what's probably/hopefully your main event, booze, Fin offers 8 sake types and dozens of bottles ($16 Hakushika Junmai ginjo to $200 Okunomatsu Shizukuzake dai ginjo) plus 20 sake cocktails (Electric Lemonade = Gekkeikan/Blue Curacao/Sprite/lemonade). Best of all are the bi-weekly "tastings", like sake-beer bombing pairings, and a bomb tumble where shots're aligned with Sapporo'd glasses, then toppled like dominoes -- any earnest experimentation eventually leads to dying on the table.