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Craft beers on the shore

Owning a lakehouse is the true hallmark of casual luxury -- a place where you can relax unabashedly shirtless, with cold beer and terrifyingly huge spiders. Pulling that move on prime Ray Hubbard real estate, Flying Saucer on the Lake, opening today

In the ex-County Line space, the craft-brew mecca's latest/greatest is perfectly situated for sun-drenched sudsing: boaters can tie up within casting distance, then hit the spacious, south-facing patio, or pass through the pressed-tin facade into a panoramically windowed, low-ceiling'd hall loaded with communal bar-height tables; the owner recognizes the move's risky, as boaters rarely demand quality beer, but when presented with 200+ options (including 80 taps), he's assuming they won't demand inferiority. Options range from quality standbys (Bass, Fat Tire, Guinness, St. Arnold) to opportunities for tender alcoholic exploration (NY's Ommegang Hennepin saison; London's Youngs Double Chocolate Stout; Germany's Weihenstephaner Original lager), to house blends like the Hoegaarden/Abita Turbo Dog "White Fang", the Guinness/Blue Moon "Dark Side of the Moon", and the Woodchuck Pear Cider/Lindeman's Framboise "Hummingbird Water" -- giving you the energy to flap your gums at 90 beats per second. As for grub, they're bringing in dishes from the owner's Flying Fish restos (fried catfish & shrimp, crawfish chowder) to seafood up the Saucer's lineup of sausages, cheeses, wings, wraps, sandwiches, by-the-slice pizza, and Newcastle beer cheese soup -- prompting you to wonder which of your joker friends put cheese in your beer

Saucer's planning to take advantage of its surroundings for regular indoor/outdoor fests, the inaugural likely coinciding with Oktoberfest -- though considering how much UV-soaked drinking you'll be doing, by then you might turn into a brown recluse.