Tees for guys who don't shave much

Insecurity can become the engine behind a successful career -- Joan Rivers' open and earnest terror of looking old has actually kept her in the spotlight despite America's hatred of old people. Turning low self-esteem into a clothing career, Fur Face Boy.A T-shirt line launched by a Grand Prairie-born graphic ace who recently moved in with his parents after a demoralizing breakup, Fur Face Boy is the alter ego of the designer, whose hilariously crippling obsession with his own inability to grow facial hair led him to create a teen-wolfian character sporting a luxurious, swooping bouf. Shirts come complete with tags sewn in by mom, and run from Fur Face representations like the heather gray "Marauders" (Fur's face in red/green camo) and "Blockman" (hirsute PlaySkool figurine wearing Fur Face T-shirt); to block letter numbers like "Street Wear" ("Fur Face Boy" in script evocative of '80s clothing label Vision Street Wear), and the Hulk-y "The Incredible FFB" (you wouldn't like him when he's angry...because he'll fill the sink with whiskers). There're also limited-edition city-specific numbers, which tend to disappear quickly: Dallas and Fort Worth get Fur Face-mascot'd football helmets in Cowboys/Horned Frogs colors, NYC's cops Pat Ewing's Knicks jersey, LA's mimics cholo-shirt style, and San Fran's depicts Fur Face tattooed on the abs of a shirtless Bruce Lee (as if there were any other kind).Coming-soon designs include "Amazing" (blue w/ "The Amazing Fur Face Boy" in Spiderman script) and "Michael", a Thriller-era MJ with superimposed scruff -- suggesting that instead of insecurity-driven plastic surgery, MJ should've realized it don't matter if you're black or white, if your face is covered in beard.