A new don in 'za land

Chuck E. Cheese is a wonderland of fun despite the fact that the pizza's so bad, the animatronic band insists on stocking their dressing room with Mr. Gatti's. Now Gatti's itself is into the wonderland business, with GattiTown North Dallas

Just open on Preston Hollow's fringe, the sprawling GattiTown combines Mr. G's always-satisfying mass-order pizza with arcade fun at a Dave & Buster's level; further trappings include two Dallas wall murals and separate areas for watching sports and cartoons, though when Don Zimmer comes on, it's hard to tell which is which. Admission includes all-you-can-stomach sustenance, including bountiful 'za, a slew of pastas, a near 40-item salad bar, 36 sodas (lemonade to all the Fantas), Slurpee-style frozen drinks (Coke/DP to blue raspberry), and dessert pizzas such as Dutch Apple Treat, which is absolutely delicioos. Prize-earning games range from standbys (Skee Ball/Pop-A-Shot/Guitar Hero/classic video game titles) to rarer hardware such as four QubicaAMF mini bowling alleys, N. Texas's only Typhoon video ride (with fans & dual reclined/motorized seats to simulate speeding over choppy waters), the H2Overdrive powerboat racing game (which remembers accrued settings/upgrades via your phone number), and the 18ft-tall Frog Hopper vertical lift-drop ride, for which you must be 36" tall (oddly, the equally thrilling Ranae Shrider ride has no height requirement)

After you've dominated the midway, a super-quick counting machine will read your tickets and spit out vouchers like an ATM; prizes range from neon sweatbands and soccer-sized tennis balls to an XBox 360 and the "Big Ripper": the world's largest production whoopee cushion, so even after you cut the Cheese, you can still cut the cheese.