Sex + Dating


Online dating profiles tend to be inaccurate for one simple reason: any time you actually think about how you're presenting yourself, you're probably going to lie. Especially about being a good listener. Constructing profiles from hastily disseminated, foolishly honest information, Gelato.Just launched out of Austin, free-for-now Gelato's a stupid-simple matchmaker that constantly mines user info -- from interests, to politics, to the pics that make all that irrelevant -- from a host of social networks, consumer sites, and other telling e-sources; the founder got the idea after his divorce, when he used Twitter to ease his way back into the dating scene, which apparently has become a real Tweet market. Users simply input relationship preference (casual, serious, "Straight to Mating"...), then allow Gelato to flesh out their profile by assaulting their various accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Amazon, Netflix,, Pandora, and Hulu; love-quests are made quicker and more trustworthy through keyword searches and a "SCOOP" rating, arrived at via both cross-platform content matching and user-requested vouchsafes by Fb/Twitter pals, because who knows you better than friends you've never actually met? Once you've found your dream whatever, you can play things cautious and friend-request them, or grow some e-balls and send them an "Icebreaker" with headers ranging from "Nice profile", to "You're hot", to "Hmmm" -- indicating you're either intrigued, or Freedom Williams.More info-mining partnerships are on the way, as well as keyword/contact alerts and match recommendations, which you probably won't even listen to, because you're too busy talking about how fast your car is.