Glennz Tees

The Internet allows for all manner of geography-defying relationships, from lonely sickos in West Virginia finding popular sickos in Normal Virginia, to that guy who claims he went to grade school with you and hauntingly seems to know you better than your own friends. Now, the Net's produced some geography-defying t-shirts: Glennz Tees

A longtime voter favorite on Threadless.com, New Zealand designer Glenn Jones was e-friended by admirers at Austin's Despair, Inc, who first commissioned a single Jones shirt, and now print, make, and distribute Glennz Tees through their production arm, Amplifier. The dozens of banal yet improbable graphic scenarios start with pop-culture takes, such as "Good v Evil" (clashing, NFL-style X-wing and Tie Fighter helmets), "Called for Help" (Ghostbusters wagon pursuing Pac-Man ghosts), "Before Stardom" (Kermit as tadpole), and "Slowing Down", depicting a fat, bespectacled Flash slouching in a Rascal. Other subdued subversion: "Extreme Beginnings" (knickered chap catching air on proto-bicycle), "Eternal Exercise" (zombie on treadmill), "Nightmare" (ice cream truck selling vegetables), "After Hours" (ninja soulfully playing tuba), and "Team Photo": foosball players posing for a shot, miraculously not photo-bombed by an attention-seeking wrist.

Glennz imagery's also also available on laptop-lid skins, and as free iPhone-wallpaper -- so every time you look down and see "Fast Funeral" (Ronald McDonald's corpse in a chicken sandwich box), you'll realize that despite his Kiwi citizenship, Glenn knows you better than anyone.