HarBenger Duo

Certain transitions are expected in the art world: impressionist painter to abstract painter, photographer to collage artist, and of course, modern traditionalist wooden furniture designer to Star Wars wooden furniture designer. Doing just that, HarBenger Duo.

Handmade by a married couple in a Houston garage workshop, HarBenger's guiding M.O. was to merge clean Scandinavian design with old-school style cues and building techniques; lately though, they've dropped the old school in order to tinker with styles inspired by Episodes 4-6 (modeling furniture after 1-3 would Bink to high heaven). So far, the new direction includes the aggressively angular Kart Chair, an obscure ode to the perch atop Jedi's two-legged AT-ST made from walnut-veneered, clear-satin-acrylic coated high-grade birch plywood; fashioned from the same materials and outfitted with a built-in felt magazine sling, the Hammock coffee table's modeled after Star Destroyer furnishings, which you might have also seen on Bravo's X-Wing Makeover. As for pieces conceived prior to the Lucas era, the Limb table conjoins Danish repeat-molded, maple-veneered birch plywood with traditional solid maple turned legs; the Clover Table sports a walnut-topped birch surface on a black-painted 1950s-era wrought iron planter base; and the similar but larger Octagon Table subs in a stand from an antique cast iron patio table, leaving morose retirees to rest their Harvey Wallbangers on the ground.

Future futuristic plans include a line of wooden-legged, expressively upholstered chairs based on "the feeling after watching the movie Tron" -- which expectedly transitions into just being really, really hungry.