Published On 10/11/2010 Published On 10/11/2010

They say the blind are compensated by having their other senses sharpened, which explains why the sight-deprived can still smell what The Rock was cooking. Sticking with the visual instead, the man behind Chazbro

Chazbro's a continually updated repository of ultra-affordable poster art that combines eye-popping psychedelic patterns and colors with brash 1950s-era design cues like heavy lines and fields of rich solid hues -- a choice both aesthetic and essential for the artist sometimes called "Uncle Charlie", a legally blind former commercial artist from Houston, who fortunately cannot see the Astros, but can certainly smell them. Signed, limited-edition giclee reproductions of original works range from complex geometric exercises like "Anandamide" (a Rorschach blot seen through a prism of acid-baked Buddhism) to surreal 1950s ad-art riffs like "The Thinker", whose head's popped open to reveal infatuations with girls, guns, love, death, beer, and possibly the Baltimore Colts. Show posters cover Texas bands from Robert Earl to Spoon (now Texpats living in Oregon), rock that is now classic (an iron-cross'd Cult job, terrifying dolls signaling the Pixies are coming to town), and tour warriors like American Indian fetishists The Black Crowes and Dave Matthews Band, repped by a vintage Slurpee theme, as he's a treat that causes brain freeze

Chazbro designs're also peddled on stickers (Day of the Dead psycho skull), skateboard decks ("Mushrooms", dude), and tees like the undead-head "Ghoul" on burnt orange -- evocative of the blind rage felt by UT fans over an o-line content to stand around with their Johnsons in their hands.



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