If you'd spent your youth in the art museum instead of reading comic books, you'd have a far keener appreciation of the beautiful frailty of the human condition, mostly because other kids would have beaten the crap out of you even more. Turning comic book heroes into wall-worthy masterpieces, WonderBros.Wonder's a trio of actual Houston brothers -- a painter, a photographer, and a graphic designer -- who've joined forces to make affordable reproductions of the painter's series of comic book all-stars, all rendered in fractious Picasso-inspired Cubism, as opposed to Cubanism, which is all about the Monet. A few of the finest:Classic Heroes: An arms-folded Superman with vertical X-ray eyes in the Fortress of Solitude; a reclining Spidey with a guitar-pic-shaped head; and a baterang-wielding Batman whose mug looks like a muscled-up stroke victim's, weird, because the year Stallone could've played Bruce Wayne, he was tangoing with cash. Modern Heroes: A guns-blazing, two-, possibly three-faced Punisher; a scrunched-up Iron Man escaping the smoke of his own mayhem; and Wolverine with a face that looks more Andre the Giant (he's still got the claws, so either way, better Obey). All Kinds of Villains: A cackling Joker side-profiled with blood red lips and snaggleteeth; a puzzled, hands-on-hips Lex Luthor looking like...Picasso; and a vulnerable-looking Dr. Manhattan wearing black briefs over his blue penis, so you don't have to watch, man. Wonder heads in a new direction with the artificially aged faux movie poster dubbed "A Hard Dead Night", featuring the Fab Four as zombies -- who you needn't fear if your comic-reading youth left you with no brains.