Popup toys at a popup shop

As you grow into manhood, you go for upgraded versions of the things you loved as a kid, like not-BB guns, or a full-sized pink Corvette with matching genital-free boyfriend. Now upgrade your action figures at the Kidrobot pop-up store, open now thru the holidays

In a long, narrow, coolly branded Mockingbird Station space, this Dallas pop-up follows NYC, Chicago, and London spaces as temporary homes for an aggressive collection of figurines so next-level, some have actually been featured at NYC's Museum of Modern Art, right next to feces paintings. Stock ranges from Simpsons and Adult Swim characters (Metalocalypse, Robot Chicken, etc), to the Mongers collection (hilariously pissed-off, cigarette-smoking apples, bananas, grenades, pandas, etc), to "Things That Hurt" zipper pulls (brass knuckles/guns/razors/knives/grenades), to the Grateful Bear: a bling- & Wayfarer-rocking polar bear designed by artist "Dust la Rock" and DJ A-Trak, who won the 1997 World DJ Championship at age 15, no doubt coached by his overbearing, Marv Marinovich-like dad. More awesomeness is available online, including the squatting, sweater-clad Miss November 1978, and a German posable-figure line that features gorillas, aliens, cowboys, boxers, HazMat techs, and a smoking-jacketed Hugh Hefner, who hasn't had to use his kung-fu grip since 1953.

Tonight at Kid's grand opening, the first 200 to show up get a free "Golden Ticket Dunny", a pocket-size gilded samurai. As for arriving on time to get it signed by artist Huck Gee...You Ken do it!