Food & Drink

Making G'ville even hazier

Ravenous late-night cravings can typically only be satisfied by fast food, or whatever's in your freezer, whose contents are probably limited to the same substances that made you so hungry in the first place. Upgrade your irresponsible feasting, at Kush

Patterned after D.C.'s post-club dining scene by the men behind Purgatory & Sting, Kush is a blue-bathed, 'til 4am den of Mediterranean noshing, filled with red-cushioned booths/benches, gigantic TVs, and a minimalist mirrored bar abetted by a huge, palm-sentry'd patio with curvy low-slung woven sofas/chairs and an ill legion of colorful brass hookahs waiting to see just how puff you really are. The menu's region spanning, from gyros, shawarmas, and tomato-sauced spanakopita to house-baked-pita assisted mains like oregano barbecue chicken, Moroccan tajen (veggies & beef w/ couscous), castaletta ganam (charbroiled lamb chops), and the secret-seasoned Kush cheeseburger; everything's prepped by a former prison-system chef, so when he mentions lamb shanks, he's really talking about revenge. Because interrupting your buzz is folly, the bar's open 'til 2am, offering absurdly low all-the-time deals like $1-$2 domestic drafts, $2 wells, and rotating $2-$3 shot specials -- if they ever do a happy hour, that sack of nickels might finally find a purpose other than home defense

Back to the hookahs: Kush packs its own tobacco blend directly into apples, pineapples, oranges, etc, which they say results in more flavorful tokes -- if late-night thinking convinces you to apply that same concept to the stuff in your freezer, just hit the drive-thru for some Whatafruit.