Deep Ellum scores a slice of Austin

Seeding a dream often requires harnessing momentum from an unrelated field: Mark Cuban earned billions from, but always with an eye on the real prize, having someone actually broadcast him wrestling Randy Orton. Trading business success for a shot at boozy bliss, the woman behind La Grange.

Just opened next to Crickets, La Grange is helmed by a UT grad who put sweet alcoholic dreams on hold to co-found a health care placement agency; recently she cashed out to start up this bar/music venue intended to be a cross between Austin's Continental Club and La Condesa (wisely not called the Condesinental Ub). The first step was gutting the ex-Cafe Istanbul space and outfitting it with a central stage, stone walls, floor-to-ceiling front windows, sound-deadening panels camouflaged by local artists' paintings, and a cozy 2nd floor green room; then further styling the place with a mesquite-topped bar, a cowboy-mural'd rear patio, and clear acrylic deer busts lit by diodes in the neck (so, LED-heads?). The bar slings mostly usual-suspect beers (Blue Moon/Guinness/Shiner on tap, Negra Modelo/Dos XX bottles, $2-anytime Lone Star), plus a Texas-only wine list (Hook Line & Sinker, Flat Creek...) and five house cocktails, from the agave-nectar "Home on the Grange" margarita to the Dripping Springs vodka "White-Tail Martini", with Frangelico and white chocolate -- a dainty combo sure to scare tail away from your dripping springs.

Bands (country/rural rock/folk) will play Fri-Sat to start, on up to five days a week by spring; there's also a state-of-the-art projection screen that'll host movie nights and sporting events -- like the dream match Mark Cuban actually intended against a smaller guy from an unrelated field, Kyle Orton.