Much is made of the fear that e-pirates can steal your identity, but what if they didn't steal it, and instead just laughed at it? Because it was so stupid? Turning social networking into a hilarious nightmare, Lamebook.

Unleashed by two Austin graphic designers, Lame's a regularly updated aggregation of tragic Facebook content -- status updates, pics, fan pages, profiles, etc -- presented in the same style as its source, all made possible by the fact that privacy protections are really, really confusing. Posts are tagged by gaff: "Lamester Awards" are handed to such winners as Valerie, for posting a pic of her leg mangling her boyfriend's neck because another girl bought him a...necklace; "WTFights" include the epic battle between Jennifer (who "wants to learn to play the trumpet!") and ex-bf Pascal ("if your **** sucking skills are anything to go by, save your time"); "TypeOHs" streive to be as awesome as "I streive to be successful"; and the reigning TMI champ has to be Elizabeth, who hopes her tike, Jackson, "doesn't get the toots during the sermon" (Mass gas!). Other categories include Religious ("I crank that Soulja Boy for Christ"), "Personal Problems" (Shelly wants you to buy her house despite a pickup truck sticking out of a wall -- "a bit of a fixer-upper, but it's got great bones"), and "Uncategorized", e.g., Drew's June 26 update: "RIP Michael Jordan" (and to think, his air hadn't even gone gray).

Should your pics or missives wind up on Lame, just ask Lame's net buccaneers to delete, and they say they'll do it no questions asked, but if you're wondering if they're still laughing, they arrrrhhh.