Local Yokel Show

Local music knowledge is typically dispensed only by suspiciously slender guys wearing non-prescription eyeglasses, but you'd probably be more open to the info if it came from people you trust: understandably fat guys wearing splashes from errant shots. Meet The Local Yokel Show

Kicked off with the rally cry "Grab ya dranks and grab ya smokes", Yokel's a roughly every-other-week local-band podcast and blog blasted out of "The Dump on Gaston" (a living room) by a booze-swilling thirtysometing trio: an L. G'ville bar owner/music champion, an ex-Muddy Waters booking agent, and a North Texas history buff employed as an ESPN broadcast engineer. Lasting around an hour, the programs feature guest-musician interviews (so far: The O's, Shiner Rising Star contest winner Grant Jones, Dave Mitchell of 1960s act the Mystics...), plus 7-10 songs played in their entirety, all while the hosts audibly mottle their livers with bourbon, beer and, for the ESPN guy, tequila -- or, every day's "Top Play". Podcasts also feature the people behind the city's hangouts, including anecdote-slinging booking agents, bloggers, and scenesters; each 'cast ends with "The Local BS", covering random subjects like how to find The Bar/n, a semi-secret party venue in Pine Mills near Mineola -- still semi-secret, because after an hour they're slurring, and one of the guys is claiming he slept with Mineola

Future episodes'll bring in the King Bucks and Riverboat Gamblers; they'll also try to "out" South Dallas' hip hop scene, hit up local retro pop & metal, and tape on location more often, like on the Grassy Knoll with players from Assassination City Roller Derby -- where the likelihood of spillage'll be upped, as shots must be taken back, and to the left.