Split yo space

While loft living offers cavernous roominess, the appalling lack of privacy means that unless you want people to pay daily witness to your peri-sphincteral curlies as you retrieve errant Q-Tips, you've got to occupy that roominess in stony solitude. Providing an easy, stylish way to live with others, LOFTWall

Launched by a Rhode Island School of Design grad with a decade-plus of furniture and interior design experience, LOFTWall makes patent-pending, modular room partitions consisting of a sleek, matte-silver aluminum frame fillable by an array of decorative panels that insert into the armature like Connect Four coins, but don't drop traumatically out a trap door when your little brother pwns. The frames come in 12 configurations (four each in 4-, 6-, & 8-foot widths), while the ever-expanding panel selection includes six wood veneers (including exotic ebony, palm, & zebrawood), a dozen fabrics (a few linens, plus six carpet-like, sound-deadening polyesters in black & several earth tones), translucent & opaque plastics (colored & not, frosted & not), and smoked/white/clear Twinwall, structurally similar to corrugated cardboard, but tougher to punch holes in because the Rangers have 38 years of terrible pitching. To help you envision your dream partition, the website features a simple, drag-n-drop "design a wall" function, with user-submitted, in-use partitions provided for reference; after purchase, you're free to order individual replacement panels to match a new decor scheme, or to replace those damaged despite their toughness because a certain baseball team has 38 years of terrible pitching

Custom frame colors are available at a fair surcharge; up the DIY via panels made with whiteboard, or covered with adhesive, onto which you can apply wallpaper, upholstery, leather, or even fur -- though isn't that what you were trying to hide in the first place?