A place to get secret-sauced

Tied to everything from taste to memory, the olfactory sense is considered by many to be the most important, which makes it all the more inexcusable that modern science hasn't provided us with a newfactory sense. For a restaurant birthed by the power of smell, hit Mama Faye's.

This lofty, blue-walled gut-busteria comes from a 33-year Dallas County Sheriff's Department vet, who after retiring, launched a popular street-cart/catering operation named for his mother-in-law; when the scent of his smoking ribs caught the attention of a realtor who happened to be driving by, she stopped and enthusiastically mentioned that a building she repped had a vacancy -- something that, like Charlie Sheen at 3am, the grill-master had been fervently looking for. Smoked with three kinds of wood (he's not telling), offerings have expanded from chopped/sliced beef and sausage plates to include turkey, chicken, hotlinks, and giant beef ribs; the sauce is a secret recipe improved over three generations, but not over three Star Trek: Generations, because the first one was kind of a piece of Shat. Rounding out your belly are from-scratch sides like savory-'n-sweet baked beans cooked by Mama Faye herself, creamy potato salad with a subtly piquant profile of hard-boiled eggs and onions, and peach cobbler, also a Georgian who dreams of one day living in a state that wears shoes.

After the resto gets settled in, it's planning to cook up more soul food, bring in live music, and open its bar -- something that modern science keeps on trying to tell you is also tied to memory, in that it obliterates it.