West Plano shirts from high schoolers

As your dad told you after ordering you to mow the lawn for $5 even though Mr. Alexander down the street was offering $20 and a backrub, you're never too young to make money. Proving that truth through streetwear, Matrimoney Clothing

Just launching its third-ever collection, this local label was formed in '05 by a pair of then-sophomore Plano West students, who've since sold everything from cars to insurance in order to support this venture that's snared attention from the likes of Curren$y and Jay-Z protege J. Cole, who exemplifies to the letter everything Jay-Z looks for in an artist. The latest drop, dubbed "Black Summer" (it showcases the color, and was delayed because of a manufacturer's fire), references everything from America's space program ("mtrmny" spelled out in NASA's logo), to pre-Nazi German militarism ("All Hail", with a WWI war-eagle crest), to...'Lil Wayne, via the on-backorder "Free Weezy II", with the rapper holding two fingers to his head (don't think he won't pop himself). Slightly older styles include the retro-Mavs "Welcome to Dallas" (made for NBA All-Star Weekend), Charlie of Chocolate Factory fame flashing his Golden Ticket, and Johnny Cash flipping the bird -- probably at Charlie, that little showboating ponce.

Matrimoney's also branched out into shades (Wayfarer-copping "Kennedy Glasses" in white, matte black, tortoise shell, or camo) and retro snapbacks like "401K", whose NBA logo subs in a bride & groom silhouette in place of Jerry West -- whose belated retirement as Grizzlies GM proved that while you can't be too young to make money, you can be too old to pay it