High grade video jackassery

Anybody can make an ass of themselves on video these days -- but can anybody make an ass of themselves on studio-grade video, with audio to match? Letting you do just that, MyStudio.Overtaking the Lane Bryant Outlet as the best reason to hit Grapevine Mills, MyStudio's a serve-yourself free-standing kiosk that records online-editable HD vids with studio-quality sound, intended for use by everyone from job-seekers needing a next-level resume, to would-be pop stars whose YouTubes will likely cost them their jobs. To use: select video type (music, comedy, business & resume, greeting...other), a virtual background from thousands of options (from babbling brooks to space stations; green screen tech's used, so don't wear that color) and, for karaoke, any tune from EMI's catalog; you can also supply your own digital track, and there're even audio inputs for live instruments -- and of course the mini-studio's soundproofed, so your clamor won't be heard throughout the Grapevine. To edit, sign in online with your "card code", select a quality tier (from HD to low-res), then have at it; afterward, you can order a DVD, print stills, pull audio, email the video out, enter it into a talent contest, or even make the thing totally public, so that others can contest your talent. Even if you have no intention of using MyStudio, visit the site anyway to watch their staggering collection of said public vids, from a blooper reel of some guy named Yehudah mangling a Phil Collins ballad, to a glorious appearance by Tucson's "Apple Bottom Jeans Girls" -- now that's how you make an ass of yourself.