How the OC rolls

There's a special joy in championing insider brands -- like, remember that time you invited your friends over to listen to your German-made Audio Physic speakers, and you all rocked out to "Everlasting Bass"? God your friends think you're awesome! Find an insider bike to champion, at Oak Cliff Bicycle Company

Open blocks from the Bishop Arts District, OCBC's a modest but expertly informed shop specializing in new & used bikes not found elsewhere in North Texas, run by an out-of-work electrician/BMX enthusiast and an indie musician/road-racing nut (as opposed to all those sane road racers). New action ranges from Bay Area builder Swobo's mid-priced line (the blacked-out Otis urban cruiser w/ flat bars & 3-speed internal hub; the slate-blue Crosby single-speed commuter racer w/ orange rims & aluminum tape-wrapped drop bars), which all come with a bottle opener built into the saddle's frame; to retro-looking Pashleys (the fender'd, regal Roadster w/ chromed spring saddle/huge 28-inch wheels; the 1930s-inspired Guv'nor path racer w/ raked-forward fork & weatherproof-leather'd titanium saddle), a British make hand built in Stratford-upon-Avon, where Pashley's the Prince of Tire. Vintage numbers include an iconic white 1970s Schwinn basket cruiser, and a bright-red mid-80s Cinelli Italian speedster; there's also gear by Pearl Izumi & Fox, helmets & pads by Sixsixone, hardware by Campagnolo, removable/collapsible racks by Axiom, and bags/lights by Knog, from Australia, where the wheels spin backwards

OCBC will rent rides, and are planning to host regular community parties, including a mid-August launch bash and an early-October CycleSomatic event with block parties, shows, riding demos, and a bike messenger-inspired alleycat race, an excellent opportunity to fall on your everlasting face.