People of Walmart

Politicians love to say that America's greatest resource is its people, and everyone knows that no place is more American than Walmart -- so clearly, our greatest resource is the Walmart shopper. Proving just how right that is, People of Walmart.

Just launched, PoWM celebrates the awesomeness of our Northeastern neighbor's finest/only contribution to anything by showcasing covertly taken photos of all manner of Wal-creatures, in natural shopping environments from Washington State to the Louisiana Bayou. The foundation's laid with prototypical wonders, from the grossly sexual (woman in high-riding dress w/ fully exposed buttocks, pushing cart past issue of Cosmo), to the fearlessly competitive (man in sleeveless/side-less/belly-less shirt playing PS3 in Electronics), to the draftily NAFTA (man wearing nothing on chest but a necklace of keys purchasing a ventilador imported from Mexico). Things get weirder with "You Button-Hooked Me" (goat aimlessly wandering the aisles), "Captain Walmart" (tiny old man in Cap'n America get-up at checkout register, hopefully cracking "now where would I keep a checkbook?" joke), and, in the products department, "Start 'Em Young": a "vibrating electronic tattoo pen" that implores kids to "get inked!" -- Walmart appropriate, as nothing encourages starting a family like a tramp stamp.

To encourage user submissions, PoWM's running regular photo contests with $100/$50/$25 Walmart gift cards going to the winners -- because everyone knows the Internet's greatest resource is any jerk with a digital camera.