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A place for dolls

Bars go under for lots of reasons that have nothing to do with the owner, but when yours burns down in an apocalyptic fire, you should take it as a sign from God -- to start another bar, and put more half-naked chicks in it! Taking that sign and running with it, the guy behind PussyCat Lounge

Just open in Gezellig's old home, PussyCat's a bawdy new spot from the owner of Sky Bar, which quite literally flamed out with the old Arcadia in 2006; though he vowed never to return to Greenville, when this coolly elongated space became available, he snatched it up, dotted its black ceiling with starry LEDs, erected a massively cozy 23-ft red booth, punched a DJ pulpit into the brick, and lined the walls with pin-ups, lingerie, and purplish-pink light rectangles, thereby proving himself a real Michael Mann's man. Flaunting black micro-skirts and midriff-baring tees, the all-female staff's slinging a dozen drafts (PBR/Dos Equis to Shiner, Ace Pear, Rahr Ugly Pug), plus a bevy of Finlandia/Venom crotch-themed cocktails like the Pink, the Mexican, and the Wet -- a condition unlikely to be induced by asking "Can I buy you a crotch-themed cocktail?". Entertainment's run by Kismet fixture DJ Kato (who mans Saturday's International Night), and also features Plush's Robert Pennington on Industry Tuesdays (open bar from 9-11pm!) and DJ Sno White on Ladies Night Thursdays; live acts're also on tap, including Austin ska rockers Mystic Roots, whose songs "Sweet Sinsemilla", "Smoke Out", and "Pass the Marijuana" might explain the spelling of their most socially responsible hit, "Teach the Youths"

As for munchies, PussyCat'll soon be serving pizzas that'll likely be themed as naughtily as their cocktails, cooked up by two-doors-down Slice -- because when you're courting the flames of damnation, it's best to let somebody else man the oven.