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In every town a little Rain must fall

No matter your intentions, if you open up a nightclub, people are going to accuse you of running a meat-market -- so why not show them you really mean business and open in a meat-market? Thumping right from the heart of the Stockyards, Rain Ultra Lounge

Opening tonight in Club Krave's stillborn digs, Rain's a weekend-only upscale binge-cavern run by the guy behind Chrome -- only this time his aim's to corral older (21 and up), trendier (strict dress code) patrons with a rock-to-rap mishmash of spun tunes. Main room attractions: a dance floor surrounded by Euro-sleek lounge fixtures and yellow-backlit modernist paintings, and set off by dual Western-rustic corrugated metal-and-wood bars, each backed by waterfalls with videos projected onto them; an intimate, translucent-curtained VIP room with blinding white leather couches and subwoofers woofing from under the raised floor; and a Friday residency by Danny West, who may be Ft. Worth's #1 DJ, but is still no BJ Thomas. Other areas include a black-and-blue billiards room with alien-pod bar chairs and neon trim, and a casual rear entry patio; beyond bottle service, the only set-in-stone sig cocktail's a Malibu/Blue Curacao/Sprite martini, so obey your thirst and order a whiskey.

Friday's opening'll feature appearances by reality-show semi-stars (Rock of Love: Charm School champ Brandi M., Paris Hilton's My New BFF alum Corrie Loftin, others), plus a photo session by LA's Michael Vincent -- famed mainly for shooting near-nude women, but you can still hope he'll treat you like the piece of Grade A beef you've always wanted to be.