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Downtown clubbing's back

When tackling something others have failed at, you've got to pull out all the stops; Perseus didn't go after Medusa 'til he got a sweet magic shield and an even sweeter mechanical owl, which anyone can tell you is a must-get when killing Medusas. Similarly bringing the big guns, Skye Bar

Opened on the 3rd/4th floor of a building owned by the Plush guys, Skye's a rooftop-equipped space that formerly housed Buddha 9, Petrus Lounge, Ivy Lounge, and various other lounges, Skye's slightly more casual than previous tenants, but has nonetheless gone full-bore on the improvements, like Tim Allen did with his garage, and should have done with his Al. Starting with the interior, management's added copious LED strip lighting throughout, outfitted each floor with two bars and a glassed-in VIP lounge, installed loads of video monitors, and, over the black-tiled dance floor, hooked up a pair of huge circular light rigs that look like hovering UFOs -- given your dancing, they're probably your best chance at getting probed. Meanwhile, the rooftop's been gifted with fresh, not-dead palm trees, and finished out with its own full bar, a patio-bisecting, waterfall-lined channel, angular woven-wood-strip lounge seating, go-go dancer platforms, and a huge Spanish-tile table with a built-in Lazy Susan, a boon for the built-in Lazy You

The soundtrack leans Top 40, with frequent guest DJs including the likes of DJ Silver and Billy the Kidd. Drink specials are indeed special, notably $1 wells/$3 domestics/$5 you-call-its on Wednesdays, and $3 select mixes/domestics/shots Fridays -- before diving in, you'd better get some mechanical bowels.