E-matchmaking offers an opportunity for complementary people to find each other outside of the bar scene -- hilarious, because the first date's going to be in a bar anyway, unless she suggests a coffee shop, in which case just stay home and choke it. Cutting to the chase,

Launched in three beta cities (Dallas, SF, Chi) by Big D-based, Stir's a singles-minded free service that suggests bars you'll enjoy hanging at, based on both your own preferences and interests, and those of others who share them -- thus de-emphasizing everlasting love in favor of "Everlasting Bass". The lengthy sign-up starts with extensive venue prefs (genre of music, type of nightspot, activities like karaoke or pool, "Preferred Noise Level", how far you'll travel, and more), and the name of your current regular spot; then moves to personal info like favorite flicks/TV shows/books/foods/musicians; Stir then mashes those up and spits out appropriate destinations, heavily factoring in places similarly-minded users have graced with "I Like It" status, and, via critical mass, ensuring all will soon love it and want more of it. Suggestions run deep, from not-exactly-unknowns House of Blues and Ginger Man to festive dives like Time Out Tavern and Lota's Goat; click "I Like It" yourself, and the profiles of other Stirrers who dug that bar will pop up, facilitating meet-ups in mutually comfortable surrounds, so you can't blame the place when your tasteful "buttface" comment goes horribly awry.

Though not factored into the bar-matching thing, the search-able profiles also ask for physical attributes, education level, and "About Me" prose, as well as your bucket list -- which, given how your entire existence revolves around hooch, better be pretty damn short.