Everything-resistent video recording

The most thrilling moments in life typically aren't recorded, as most everyman cameras aren't built to handle extreme situations like river rafting, or even Lazy River rafting. For a rugged beast of a minicam, grab the 2010 Tachyon XC, now available for pre-order

From a Lewisville-based tech outfit, the newly beefed up XC is a palm-able (4-by-2-by-2.5-inch) digital video camera whose shock-, water-, crap- (mud, grease, snow), and heat-resistant design is so stout, firefighters use it for training films (you can practically feel the Backdraft). Just $180, the XC uses a low-distortion, fixed-focus lens equally adept indoors, in blinding sunlight, or even underwater (up to 28ft, for 30mins); two AAs'll provide up to 12hrs of power, and an SDHC card (1-32GB) can hold up to 64hrs -- enough for a marathon Sting tantric quickie. Utility extends to single or time-lapse still images, and you can also use the thing for closed-circuit remote recording; the rig comes with a remote and three mounts: fixed, 360-degree swivel for tripods, and helmet-side, with an optional handlebar mount -- finally, the technology is available to resurrect Pacific Blue

Tachyon's also introducing a 3D cam: a stereo version with editing software, all compatible with YouTube's 3D app, so you can enjoy the voluptuous curvature of your plastic Miller 20oz even as it slips from your grip and rolls off the side of your innertube.