A historic Bryan Place to watch or not watch sports

When an experienced talent steps into a new arena, they can set their own rules -- so if Linda McMahon actually wins that Connecticut U.S. Senate seat, expect her to bring a whole new meaning to "chairing a committee". Stepping into the hyperlocal sports-bar business their way, the gent behind Three Sheets

Now doing weekend sneak-peeks in prep for a late-August full opening, Sheets is a "neighborhood sports pub" whose thoughtfully rustic ambiance far transcends the typical formula of flatscreens/round boobs; the venture's headed by the ~20yr industry vet behind Lotus & Hacienda on Henderson, in a building first constructed in 1947 as a Tucker dealership (now housing the man and your dream). Stuffed with old tomes, the "library" lounge & bar abounds with venerable trappings: the front door's from a 1930s orphanage, the bookshelves/ shutters/ windows from an Old East Dallas mansion, the circa-1890s bar-back/-mirror from the Baker Hotel (once Dallas' swankiest), and the bar-top from an HP home's wood-planked ballroom -- go Coyote Ugly, and you'll be Piper Perabooed. Entertainment-wise, flatscreens are present, but placed judiciously for viewing that's more casual than fanatical; there's also a covered patio offering pool, foosball, and beer pong, so like the decor, your sobriety will also be history

Furthering that mission, the bar boasts 10 drafts, 23 bottles & cans, and 40+ Scotches & bourbons from Booker's to Lagavulin 16. After the official opening, the short/sweet menu'll range from sriracha-creamed calamari, to wood-fired pizzas like the sausage-olive-pepperoncini-basil "Sicilian", to burgers like the dijon mayo/artisanal cheese/beef-pork patty "Prima Donna" -- reminding you that...look out! Kurt Angle is about to power-choke you with his Olympic medal!