Tokusatsu Udutra

Japanese anime falls into two undesirable camps: big-eyed Hello Kitty cheese that make you feel like you have no genitals, and sexual perversion so twisted, you're actually ashamed to have genitals. Slapping a bad-ass middle ground on T-shirts, Tokusatsu udutra.

Just launched by an Okie State-trained, recently downsized Dallas graphic artist, Tokusatsu udutra (or "ultra special effects") features designs that meld Eastern sci-fi/fantasy with sinister cues from fine art, making the gear accessible even to people with small-to-nonexistent collections of miniature pewter monsters. Some highlights: "The Skinnies", an elongated hipster alien based on beings from Starship Troopers (the book, not the movie -- who knew?); "Inter-sPeace-ies", an eight-fingered handprint w/a sorta-noticeable embedded peace sign; "Recurring Dream", a blue-washed portrait of a cherub's skull; and "Flea-licious", a militant insect framed by a targeting system, ready to be blown away as soon as Maverick accepts that what happened to Goose wasn't his fault. New designs are intro'd weekly, with the absolute latest being a starred-'n'-striped version of Toku's U-shaped logo, and a snarling tiger mosaic dubbed "Shere Khan", inspired by the Jungle Book -- just rip it off to bear your necessities.

Since Toku's designs are on Zazzle, the art can be printed on a number of other objects, like hats, mugs, ties, and even aprons, for men so comfortable with their penislessness, they've decided to accessorize it.