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OC's latest libation station

When a connoisseur sees something he wants, he acts immediately: advertising mogul Charles Saatchi is constantly snagging artwork from young Brits he deems ready for primetime, and Jay Leno does the same with cars even though he's not ready for primetime. For the latest acquisition by a dive-bar enthusiast, visit Tradewinds Social Club

A 42-year-old, near-windowless private club overflowing with real-deal dive kitsch, Tradewinds is the latest project by the man behind State Bar/Xpo Lounge/Double Wide/Lee Harvey's, a regular customer who, after hearing that the aging owner was dumping the place, did a deal in 15 minutes and in two weeks' time had the bar's keys and all its precious inventory: racked-vinyl trim, time-abused shuffleboard table/dart boards/jukebox, and a staggering collection of tropical fish figurines, just now surfacing from under a quarter inch of dust. To retain the spot's salty regulars, the 50+ dart trophy plaques'll remain hanging, and weekly hump day shuffleboard tourneys & Fri-Sat karaoke nights will also be maintained; plenty of upgrades are underway, though, like satellite TV, local art, a revamped, parachute-ceiling lounge area blooming with fake palm trees, and a larger pool table, furnishing hack regulars with the lamentable complaint, "I'm used to playing with a smaller one". The new owner's keeping booze purposefully simple, and offering it at around a buck cheaper than even other downtown holes-in-the-wall; meanwhile, the happy hour's very happy, with $2 domestic/import beer & wells 3-7p Wed-Sat and all day Sunday, effectively turning the Sabbath into the Sloberbath

A small food menu's on the way next month from Deep Ellum caterer Party Maker Inc. (paninis, 'wiches, & five types of chili), and weekend BBQs're also imminent via a drum smoker out back, the same place they'll be taking Leno unless his new vehicle gets in gear.