Sometimes you wanna go where everywhere you look there are screens

Because having lots of screens is the only way to imitate a running game when your tailback weighs 157lbs enjoy all the top games, check out The Owner's Box, now soft open in the Omni with 78 freaking screens, plus other ambiance-enhancers such as a refrigerated stainless-steel bar-strip that keeps open beers cold, and an entryway floor paved with back-lit sports headlines like the Silver-Blue-meets-Sasha Grey "XXX-tastic". Your viewing options:

  • Featuring three distinct sound zones, the main room's dominated by six projectors over the bar, plus a standalone 18-footer so massive, you can almost see Boise's chances of playing in a BCS bowl.
  • Crap-tons of smaller plasmas hang out underneath those projectors, and in private booths.
  • Six more TVs face a patio with a view of City Hall, so while protesters behind you complain about banks causing misery, you can complain about Brown losing to Missouri.
  • The VIP room, which has its own private server btw, is packing four 65-inchers and one 106-incher, big enough to make the richest guy you know buy another television, then offer to sell you his old television for only $8000.
  • Don't wanna miss any action while relieving yourself? Urine luck: there are even TVs in the restroom.

As for sustenance, there's stalwart bar food (the brisket Red Neck Burger w/ cheddar, bacon, crisp onion; a prime-tenderloin pizza), plus booze from muddled-jalapeno Republic Plata margs to beer cocktails highlighted by the gin, rum, vodka, cran juice, grenadine, and Shiner Bock "Zoo" -- surely what Mike Leach was drinking when he locked up Adam James like a tiny animal invented the Ninja Formation for short yardage situations.