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A not-so Plano pizza

The most talented artists can put out jarringly opposite projects simultaneously, like when Hugh Jackman tore it up in X-Men while declaring "The musical is back!" like an ex-man. For a restaurant doing the same, check out Urban Crust.Co-opened by the chef-owner of Daddy Jack's Wood Grill, Crust is a light-Italian noshery whose first two levels mix copious flat screens and espresso-upholstered seating with cues from the 113-year-old building's saddle-shop heritage (exposed beams, chandelier made of copper chains & buggy whips & handmade by the architect); completely unexpectedly, the third floor's devoted to the "32 Degrees Bar", a sky-lit, metalized space sporting a 30ft refrigerated countertop -- like a hot plate, but not. Downstairs, the menu's heavy with starters (calamari, caprese, wood-melted fresh mozz w/roasted-garlic 'shrooms), salads (Heart of Plano: hearts of romaine, artichoke & palm w/bacon & blue cheese), and wood-fired pizza (Shea's East Side: Ital sausage, calabrese salami, chicken, smoked mozz, caramelized onions); there're also heartier items like the Cowboy Ribeye (w/ roasted garlic gorgonzola balsamic butter) and "F-Chicken": fire-roasted, topped with grilled polenta, and stuffed with spinach/cheese/sun-dried tomatoes -- enough tastiness to keep you from saying "F chicken". Meanwhile, the bar pours four beers (Shiner, Miller Lite, Birra Moretti, Windemere) from a freezing-point tap, plus three booze taps (Patron, Jager, Grey Goose) that spill at a staggering 5 degrees -- numbing your tongue even as it's regrettably loosened.Also available: signature cocktails like the Hornitos & jalapeno "Nacho Libre Margarita", and the Bacardi Dark/Prosecco/POM/peach & apricot liqueur "Economic Stimulator" -- which after a night will jarringly leave you with ex-credit.