Driving Shoes

Sometimes, your most valued articles of clothing are the ones that, technically speaking, are completely useless. Case in point: driving shoes.

Designed for grip and pedal-feel, the bottoms of these moccasin-like kicks are thin and covered w/ rubber nodules, resulting in sock-like flexibility and comfort. They're versatile -- casual enough for jeans, yet stylish enough to kick up on your desk during brash displays of laziness. Better, you can also wear them sans socks without contracting swamp foot, thanks to their breathable, perforated leather insoles. The fact that you're rarely/never behind the wheel is irrelevant -- New Yorkers routinely dress for far less likely pastimes, like riding horses, or stalking dark jungle terrain for Charlie.

We're flogging these shoes now because men's outfitter Davide Cenci is running a storewide sale that includes 40% off all driving dogs: Pradas and Tod's in red & blue, beige suede, black, and antique tan. Of course, being on sale means these aren't the latest models, and DC does have new stock coming in soon. But that's no reason to hold out: you'll only be paying more, while still driving nowhere.